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This website was founded during the year 2000 partly inspired by my challenge to myself to raise money for the Leukemia of Society of America (now the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America). It also them became my first expression of myself as a spiritual being going thru substantial struggles in life.

This area of my website is dedicated to my journey in trying more and more to follow my heart and to love myself. You have probably read about some of my philosophy on spirituality and its relationship to holistic medicine. However, I've always been one to believe that personal stories tend to teach things beyond even what the writer intends. These stories were the original primary content of this website. Although some of these stories relate to things a few years back, they were very much some of the things that drove me to come up with my techniques to become physically healthier and increasingly happier in what could easily become a living hell. I hope you get something out of them.

... WakundaMa